User experience design puts the user front and center. How the user interacts with your product has a great impact on the end result and your business. This is why research is a crucial part of the process finding out who your end user really is and how to provide easy to use graphic solutions for the tasks users need to complete. In UX sometimes solving one users problem can make your product even easier to use for example a blind person needs a screen reader to use an app or website but this feature can help other users with limited vision, language disability or dyslexia this can also cover temporary disability like driving or not being able to look at the screen. Finding the capabilities needed to provide the best solution for your users will insure the best outcome for your product. 

Web Graphics
Prototype Designer

The UX design process has a number of steps. Personas are created to represent real users day-to-day life’s and how our UX ideas can assist them. We review all findings and start brainstorming to come up with possible design solutions. Next we create hand drawn wire frames and choose what design route to take then we crate a digital wireframe followed by an interactive prototype to conduct a usability study. Once we have collected all data from the study final adjustments will be made before we start the development process. When the final product is complete we conduct one last round of testing and make adjustments before launch.


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